Monday, December 23, 2013

Flavor & Value without the Gluttony

4 out of 5 stars

When one hears of an Indian restaurant lunch, one visualizes rows of greasy, spicy dishes of which a typical guest consumes about 25% and savors even less. Sitar Indian Cuisine, a new restaurant in the same location as the old 'Haveli',  provides a slightly different twist in its lunch specials.

You pick your choice of entree or biriyani and it comes with lentil soup, pakoras, naan, peas pulav and channa masala, followed by dessert. The portion size is perfect for one person. Their naans are 'pillow' fluffy proving they are not frozen. The Gulab Jamun was soft. The peas pulav had a slight after-taste, probably, from the ghee/oil but goes well with the channa and entree.

Lentil Soup & Pakoras

Gulab Jamun

Among the entrees, the Panneer Tikka Masala was the most flavorful. The panneer was fresh, flavorful and still firm.

Panneer Tikka Masala

The Malai Kofta was the next favorite. The gravy was a bit bland despite the order being medium spicy. But, the kofta (cheese & veggie balls) made up for it.

Malai Kofta

The veggie biriyani was flavorful but the rice was a little bit too crisp which felt like it was under-cooked. 

Veggie Biriyani

Overall, this restaurant is definitely worth a visit. They have online ordering on their website with free delivery within 10 miles of their restaurant.